Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

About Skin is part of ICCM – international centre for cosmetic medicine – Sydney’s leading cosmetic surgery clinic.   It is our goal to deliver a successful procedure for our patients. We will make you feel at ease and make sure your expectations are always met, no matter which enhancement procedure you choose to undertake.

All surgical procedures are performed offsite at day surgical facilities. In all cases, a consultation is required prior to booking any surgery. Initial consultations with Dr Prochazka are available at our Campbelltown premises or Sydney CBD clinic.

Dr Prochazka will discuss the likely outcomes of your proposed surgery, as well as all relevant risks, at the time of your consultation.

The following information about specific procedures is supplied as a general guideline only. It is not intended as a substitute for a face-to-face consultation.

The enhancements we provide are extensive:

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