As we grow older, we typically lose volume from our facial soft tissues – especially the midface, temples, lips, and area just under the eyes. Robbed of its padding, the underlying bony structure of our face starts to become obvious – a process aesthetic surgeons refer to as “skeletalisation”. Not only that, but loss of soft tissue volume allows the overlying skin to sag and droop, making us look even older.

Cosmetic doctors have long realised the benefits of adding volume back into the face, but it’s only been in the last few years that we have had safe and effective non-surgical methods to achieve this.

Enter facial volumisation. About Skin’s skilled cosmetic physicians can add volume back to your face precisely where it’s needed, using a variety of safe and proven dermal and subdermal filler products. The extra volume will restore more youthful contours and reverse skeletalisation and skin sagging.

Facial volumisation is now recognised as a powerful technique for lifting the saggy mid-face and rejuvenating lower eyelid troughs. This technique, using a thicker filler, can be combined with sub-wrinkle placements of less dense fillers, with muscle relaxant injections, and even with laser/IPL. The result is a comprehensive rejuvenation of the face without major surgery.

Our doctors will discuss your needs and desires extensively with you, prior to formulating a treatment plan. The volumisation procedure itself is minimally invasive and surprisingly comfortable, thanks to clever use of local anaesthetics and numbing creams.The process may be performed at a single session or slowly over multiple visits. Maintenance treatments are usually recommended at infrequent intervals.

For those who would rather have a surgical procedure requiring less ongoing maintenance, we recommend fat transfer. Book in with our visiting cosmetic surgeon Dr Tony Prochazka to discuss this technique in more detail and find out if it’s right for you.

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