We use Cutera’s Coolglide long-pulsed, 1064nm laser with contact cooling handpiece – the most powerful hair removal laser in the world. Coolglide’s 10mm spot size allows deep penetration to hair roots. Research has shown that smaller spot sizes often do not allow light to penetrate deeply enough to effectively destroy follicles.

Cutera’s 14,000 watt power supply technology allows for immense flexibility in treatment settings – even for difficult problems like fine hair on dark facial skin. Efficient contact cooling in the handpiece protects the skin, and increases patient comfort. The long (infra-red) wavelength minimises pigmentary side-effects.

Our Coolglide laser can treat all hair types except blonde or white hair, and is approved by the Australian TGA for use in all shades of skin.

Best results usually require 4-6 treatment sessions, and are sustained in most cases for several years.

We believe that Cutera’s long-pulse, high-powered 1064nm laser technology is “state of the art” for hair removal, and vastly superior to the IPL devices commonly found in beauty salons.

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