About Skin’s visiting cosmetic surgeon Dr Tony Prochazka writes:

What a powerful laser this is! Consisting of two slightly different laser handpieces – Pearl and Pearl Fractional – this new unit from Cutera is the last word in laser treatment of ageing or uneven skin. We’ve been using it to treat faces, necks, decolletage, even for skin on the backs of hands.

I started using resurfacing lasers back in 1997, when the Erbium resurfacing laser first hit town. Faster and less aggressive than the carbon dioxide laser, erbium allowed effective facial resurfacing with reduced downtime. But patients still had to hide away for at least 7 to 10 days, and many complained of residual redness for up to six weeks. This was still an improvement over CO2 (which caused redness lasting several months, and permanent depigmentation in some patients) – and the results with erbium laser were great.

Around mid 2001 I took delivery of the Cutera Vantage laser. This offered me the ability to stimulate skin rejuvenation using a laser treatment (Laser Genesis) with no downtime, and it’s still a mainstay of our skin rejuvenation programs at About Skin. But some patients need more. That’s where Pearl Fusion comes in.

This really is the next generation in ablative resurfacing. It’s a bit like a combination of erbium laser and Fraxel. It offers an overall laser “peel” as well as the “drilling” action of a fractional laser head, to get down into the mid-dermis and provoke collagen stimulation.

But the most amazing thing is the downtime. It’s only about 3 to 5 days! And the results are similar to erbium, if not better. I find that I can get better results with one Pearl Fusion treatment than with several Fraxels.

Dr Tom and I are both trained in Pearl Fusion. There’s also the option of having Pearl on its own, which is a little gentler, with even faster recovery. But for the “Rolls-Royce” effect, I do strongly recommend Pearl Fusion.

It’s early days right now, but soon we will have some before/after shots of our own clients which we will certainly post on this site. In the meantime, if any readers have questions, please post them here (you need to register first – it’s quite simple) and I will try to reply as quickly as possible.

Best regards
Dr Tony