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At About Skin, our therapists are experts at combining office-based peels and laser treatments with home treatment programs to give you the best results.

Office-based peels work by breaking chemical bonds in the outer layers of the skin, producing exfoliation of tired old skin cells and stimulating the growth of a fresh new surface layer. Your skin will look fresher, softer smoother and more youthful.

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Customised Skin Care Packages Available

Refine, Resurface, Volumise, Anti-Ageing & Collagen Induction Therapy
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Home skin maintenance programs are our specialty. It’s amazing how many people use expensive but unsuitable products which don’t work well together and aren’t suited to their skin type. We start by carefully analysing your skin type and diagnosing your problems. If you have a medical skin condition, our cosmetic physicians are on hand to provide expert diagnosis and treatment.

Our skin consultants will then tailor a home-based program to optimise and complement your clinic-based treatments. Several product ranges are available to suit your skin type and budget!