Everybody wishes they could achieve facial and neck lifting without surgery. Well, now you can. Thermal Lift is an exciting new light-based treatment utilising infra-red optical Titan™ technology from California, now available at About Skin.

How does it work? You may have heard that skin comprises up to 70% water. Thermal Lift targets water in the deep layer of the skin to produce gentle “bulk” heating, which in turn tightens the collagen fibres in this deep skin layer.

The result? Skin tightening, visibly immediately, with further improvements occurring over the next few weeks. A total of three treatments are usually recommended.

Thermal Lift is generally painless (although there may be mild discomfort due to the heating effect). There is no down-time. So why not come in for a Thermal Lift treatment during your next lunch break?

Patient satisfaction rates are greater than 80% (Cutera data on file). Thermal Lift cannot replicate the results from surgical face lifting. However, if surgery’s not your “thing”, Thermal Lift is a safe and convenient way to kick-start your overall rejuvenation program. Call us now to find out more.

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